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Are you looking for help with websites for your business? Whether you're a freelancer, business owner, company, e-shop owner, or simply need a quality personal presentation, you've found the right person! The cornerstone of my websites is simplicity and clarity. As a result, my websites are highly effective in conveying the necessary information and selling your service or product. My work aims to help as many people as possible, which is why I cover all price ranges. Whatever you need assistance with regarding websites, I'm happy to help with anything.

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Main benefits

Ikona hostingu zdarma

Hosting for free

For every website, I'll provide free web hosting! If you don't have your own domain yet, I'll gladly help you find it at the best prices.

Ikona spolehlivé komunikace během tvorby webu

Reliable communication

Throughout the entire collaboration, I'm always available to you. I regularly send you previews of the website and appreciate your feedback.

Ikona nezávazného designu webu zdarma

Non-binding design

Do you want to be sure how your website will look like before we start working together? No problem! I'll create a design for your website no obligation and totally free!

What can I help you with

Obrázek Kódování

Website development

I'll create you a fancy website that exactly fits your business. I pride myself on simplicity, clarity and unique design that will elevate your presentation by steamboat!

Šablonovky - weby za pár kaček


Are you starting with a business or project and have a really small budget and want a quality website? I offer you a solution in the form of my Šablonovky service. We are currently running beginner super prices, so wink at that!

Obrázek Eshopu

E-shop development

I'll create you a unique e-shop that will fire up your online business! I create e-shops both customized, but also on various platforms like Shopify. I will also provide you with connections to the most used services.


Web development

Performance and uniqueness
from 14 997 Kč

I guarantee:

Free non-binding design
Fully responsive website on every device
Unique modern web design
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

E-shop development

Selling easily
from 19 997 Kč

I guarantee:

Unique web design
Connecting applications (Packeta etc.)
Easy e-shop management
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Template websites

Low cost solution
from 3 497 Kč

I guarantee:

Domain and hosting for free
Opening prizes
Editing options
Clear modern design

Write to me

Since I'm not available by phone during work, I prefer communication via email. However, feel free to give me a call, and if I'm unavailable, I'll call you back as soon as I'm available.

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[email protected] lubomir_hrdlicka +420 776 554 164 IČO: 17087589 Registered in the Trade Register

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It damages your credibility

Three quarters of customers acknowledge that a company's credibility is judged at first glance based mainly on the quality and appearance of their website.

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Unnecessary loss of customers

Most customers said they leave a website if it is cluttered or slow to load. This can cost you a lot of money unnecessarily with paid advertising.

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There's nothing more frustrating for web visitors than coming across outdated and un-updated information. Stay current and get a modern website!


Lavoom Ateliers - Ukázka Desktop

Vanter Space

Website for Vanter Space. Vanter Space offers a wide range of equipment for any kind of photo shoot. They offer their space for rent, so the owner needed a clear and stylish presentation of their services.

Jericho Production - Ukázka Desktop

Jericho Production

Jericho Production deals with the creation of professional video and photography. In addition to traditional footage, they also offer bird's eye view footage using a drone for which they have all the necessary licensing permissions.

Adito: - Ukázka Desktop

Adito Studio

Websites for graphic studio Adito. The website was designed by graphic designers from this studio and I transformed it into a web form with code. They were so happy with my work that they took me into the team and we have been working together on individual projects ever since.

Hype Studio - Ukázka Desktop

Hype Studio

Websites for Hype Studio advertising. A colleague from Adito created a design for me and I implemented it into this form. Hype Studio deals with content creation, social media strategies and PPC advertising.

Tvůj Gym - Ukázka Desktop

Tvůj Gym

The unique gym Your Gym needed a clear website. They have a special chip access system and it was necessary to present the whole system to the user clearly and clearly. Furthermore, the website provides examples of the premises and all the important information.

Barbora Brunato - Ukázka Desktop

Barbora Brunato

Website for a fitness trainer from Pilsen, who represents the Czech Republic in the international fitness world in a great light. The website is very comprehensive and you will find here all the information about what Barbora does.

Endless Smoke - Ukázka Desktop

Endless Smoke

A large-scale website built on the Shopify platform that focuses on hookah accessories for both personal and business customers.

Profi Green Energy - Ukázka Desktop

Profi Green Energy

Photovoltaics is a big trend and Profi Green Energy has embarked on it in style. The website presents their range of services and all the important information for their customers.

Asanace Dek - Ukázka Desktop

Asanace Dek

Asanace Dek have a wide range of services to get you out of any mess. It is a concise informational website that serves to convey the most essential information.

Judo Železo Hranice - Ukázka Desktop

Judo Železo Hranice

Extraliga judo team needed a new clear website. Since it targets mainly youngsters, we tried to adapt the website to the parents of children as much as possible to make everything simple and clear.

Pneuservis Oznice - Ukázka Desktop

HS Pneuservis Oznice

Simple website that was created for the newly operating HS Pneuservis Oznice. It contains basic offer, price list and contacts to the owner. The whole site has been online for 7 days since the idea and conditions were agreed together. The website was completed in April 2023.

Fit S Evíkem - Ukázka Desktop

Fit s Evíkem

This project was awesome! It was for a young, talented and terribly nice personal trainer who was open to creating a new website. We made a deal and in a week and a half the site was up and running!

Next Level Gym - Ukázka Desktop

Next Level Gym

Website for boxing club Next Level Gym in Wallachian Mezirici. The main goal was to inform about training opportunities, introduction of boxers and overall presentation of the club. Completed in September 2022.

Tričko z čtvrti - Ukázka Desktop

Tričko z Čtvrti

The T-shirt shop from the Quarter was running before I even took delivery. Built on the Shopify platform, it was originally templated, but under my stewardship it underwent major modifications. I redesigned the structure and appearance right in the code, which made it a unique website. Since October 2022, we have been working with the owner to continuously improve the store.

Bistro Krmítko - Ukázka Desktop

Bistro Krmítko

Bistro Krmítko is a restaurant in Valašské Meziříčí. It offers a wide range of snacks from ice cream to pancakes or panini. The owner wanted the website to clearly share important information, such as the current menu or opening hours. Of course, also for visibility, especially during the summer season. The website was completed in November 2022.

Linda Sikorová - Ukázka Desktop

Linda Sikorová

Linda was solving a problem with the booking engine on her old website, built on a single template platform. She needed to make a single booking system for the 3 services she offers as a physiotherapist and personal trainer. It was a complicated job, but the system is now fully up and running and the website saves Linda a lot of time when booking appointments for her clients.

Alena Oršoničová - Ukázka Desktop

Alena Oršoničová

Alca approached me with the idea that she would need to make a new website that would showcase her services, especially as a family photographer. The main goal was to showcase her photography and provide easy access to contact her and book photo shoot appointments.

Pivnice Samota - Ukázka Desktop

Pivnice Samota

The website for Prague's Pivnica Samota was one of the first websites I ever created. The website is designed to clearly present important information such as menu, opening hours, booking contact etc.

Restaurace U Tří Slunečnic - Ukázka Desktop

Restaurace U Tří slunečnic

Web for restaurant U Tri slunečnic in Vsetín. The owner wanted to present simply the current offer, opening hours and the website also has an English version for customers from abroad.

Capfre - Ukázka Desktop


Web was created on a really small budget. In a normal situation I probably wouldn't have created a website under similar conditions, but I was really impressed by the enthusiasm of a 17 year old kid trying to break through with his own mobile phone video game. The site was mainly created as a presentation site for investors who could take the project to other dimensions.

City Gym Brno - Ukázka Desktop

City Gym Brno

Web for the largest fitness centre in the centre of Brno. The owner wanted to keep the form of the old website and give it a newer look. It was the first external job for me, which taught me a lot.

My clients will say it for me

Recenze Lindy Sikorové

Linda Sikorová

Lubomir is a professional in his place. Although my project was not one of the easiest, he created everything according to the requirements and often exceeded my expectations. I recommend cooperation with all ten, especially if you want a fully functional and great looking website. Thanks! :)

Recenze Evy Řádkové

Eva Řádková

Reliable communication, continuous reporting and checking of the web site work in progress. I give a big plus to the initial non-binding meeting with a suggestion how the website could be structured. Thank you for your cooperation and fast express web development, my friends are waiting for a website for half a year and the quality of the web pages is poor. I can only recommend it.


Sabina Jurásková

Lubomir modified my ugly Shopify template into a beautiful and working website. Communication with him is fast and professional. He always comes up with inventive ideas :) I'm glad I finally found a reliable and human coder!